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Luke Beale, 15 Jun 2021

Basically your food was well nice message from not gonna judge flossier

William, 04 Jun 2021

I like! This place is fucking good mayn

Lewis, 22 May 2021


Kamil, 15 May 2021

Lovely food

Kenan, 15 May 2021

Very good sero

Sam Wickham, 15 May 2021

Thank you for your food :)

Ricardo, 11 May 2021

Can't seem to enter address properly no matter how many times I try. Food and service is wonderful

Kate, 10 May 2021

Thank you.

Ricardo, 09 May 2021

ordered food last night was wonderful so i though i will start to go through the menu

Reace, 09 May 2021

Qick and easy

David, 06 May 2021

Very dissatisfied with the food quality, everything was cold, my chicken was pink and half of it was old pieces of chicken so it wasn’t edible

Tara, 30 Apr 2021

Food was amazing, pizza great quality and great value for money ! Very pleased will be ordering again

Luke Goodwin, 29 Apr 2021

Very good

Kenan, 25 Apr 2021

Food was burnt burger was spicy chips cold and I’m allergic to spice

Elysha, 22 Apr 2021

You need to fix your website. It’s saying closed when your clearly not. I would phone up but I would just get told that it is working even tho it’s clearly not

Customer , 18 Apr 2021

Staff is quite rude with tone of voice happening more than once. I enjoy the food but you should really treat customers better. Phoned up to say website saids closed and was told no it’s open. Mate it clearly not letting me order on the website so your closed

A Customer , 17 Apr 2021

Thank you for your effort to make nice food... :)

Ricardo, 17 Apr 2021

Thank you for your effort to make nice food... :)

Ricardo, 17 Apr 2021

Thank you for your food.

Ricardo, 02 Apr 2021


Phillip, 21 Mar 2021

Scrap my last comment was just an issue with the website.

Adam, 08 Mar 2021

Left a note saying leave in front of door didn't even get it.

Adam, 08 Mar 2021

Additional to my previous comment... when I called to question it, they tried to say they had been to my flat when they hadn't. Avoid at all costs!

Chris, 05 Mar 2021

My food wasn't delivered

Chris, 05 Mar 2021

My burger arrived on time as normal however was done wrong it had mayo and salad in when I asked for it to be plain

Aaron, 24 Feb 2021